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Print service

What do we offer?

We can meet your needs for a high quality
large format inkjet print

Quality Guarantee

Our prints go through rigorous control. In order to be sure of a top quality print, we offer new clients a free print of sample material of the client’s choice.

Printing Speed

The equipment we have, many years of experience and professionalism enable us to deliver goods in the shortest possible time.


We offer a broad range of products,
from city light and billboard posters to art reproductions on canvas.


Square & Circle Ltd.

Print service


Zagreb, Croatia

Zatišje 8a

10000 Zagreb

e-mail kvadratikrug@gmail.com

Tel. +385 (0)99  611 00 11


Rijeka branch office, Croatia

e-mail rijeka@kvadratikrug.hr

Tel. +385 (0)99 221 71 14


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